The Necessities for Change

Radon Sources journey has been nothing short of fascninating. It all started as a seed planted by the emotions of caring, kindness and an unrelentless desire to help and educate our family, friends, neighbors and strangers derived from our past experiences.  These experiences that swept my wife and my life forced us to open our eyes, read relentlessly and take control of our own health and well being. 

My wife Jessie recently went through 3 major surgerys, a lumpectomy, double mascectomy and hystorectomy, due to the activation of a cancer gene that she has been dealt.  At the same time I was on my death bed with symptoms that stumped every doctor. I ended up going to a naturopath doc who immediately want to test for Lyme disease, which came back positive!  After going to all these doctors with all our issues, we both came to the conclusion that just about every doctor in our modern health care system has been brainwashed by an education system and pharmaceutical industry thats only goal is for profit.

The goal of Radon Source is not about profits or status, it is about education and awareness of not just radon but of health, diet and the truth. We put appx. 5% or Radon Sources profits into creating awareness and avenues for people to self-educate so they can put their in their own hands to and challenge the status quo. 

We are both on the mend and doing well thanks to a great support system along with a great team that is running our radon testing & mitigation businesses Inspect It Chicago, Inc. and Radon Professional Services, LLC. We have both been completely humbled and are grateful to have such great people in our lives. We will continue to put God and others first and try our bests to make a difference!